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10/25/11 09:35 pm - fall is absolutely here

the colors kill me, everywhere.
i want to walk around in some priceless outfit, shooting in leaves for days.

life is exciting right now, and i wouldn't replace it for anything. 

10/20/11 09:40 pm

Worked with Esteban Rivera yesterday night! I didn't get a chance to put together a photoworthy outfit, so I shot him alone the entire time. Next time, I'm hoping we both can collab and model together. I'm a little intimidated to model with such a fine piece of man ;) haha!  
It was absolutely so much fun. I don't know why he isn't in magazines yet...
but I can't say I mind.. Means I get to shoot with him! ;) Whoops!

10/18/11 05:20 pm - i never learned my shapes

I've had these forever 21 leggings for quite awhile, but got inspired today when I saw a girl wearing her lovely outrageous printed leggings on tumblr. 
the weather is holding strong, it is absolutely gorgeous out but freezing. i'm loving the layers. 

tried out hot yoga yesterday, and it is amazing. i've never sweat so much in my entire life, everyone should try it when they get the chance. 

have a great day my loves. 

10/17/11 03:43 pm

the weather lately is just melting my heart. i forgot how much i loved the fall sun. it isn't harsh like the summer sun. and it allows photos such as these. 
i decided to throw this outfit together for when I leave to go take some senior photos for this lovely girl, becca. 

my favorite part of this entire outfit, is being able to show off my leg jewelry. i saw jewelry like it on but their stuff was much more than I was every willing to spend on such a unique piece. I researched for a good while and finally found this on

and just today, i found an old antique key and found a necklace piece and decided to add on to my already assembled outfit. 

10/16/11 09:28 pm - simple yet satisfying

Such a sunny day it was yesterday, yet absolutely freezing out. I decided to wear my most comfortable pants in my closet, which happen to be my H&M high waist-ed trouser pants. I love them to death, and I got them on sale! 

Then I tucked my long white maxi dress into the pants, and wore the top part as if it was a crop top! 
I tuck absolutely everything I wear, practically. Specially anything high waist-ed. Don't be afraid to try tucking your shirt in, and loosely pulling some of it out to make your body a little more defined! 

I also got my bag online from H&M, also in the sales section! Tip: Whenever online shopping, make a budget for yourself and start by looking at the sale section. You will save yourself money! And, you can find absolutely adorable things. 


I also took some photos yesterday, playing around with my new blonde wig. I actually loved how they turned out with the sun. 

10/3/11 04:03 pm

Allie and I went and did some of our senior photos yesterday.
I have a few "serious" looks, so I figured I'd post one up.
The top is Allie's. I'm not sure where she got it from but it was incredibly cute.
She needs to wear it more!

The shorts are from H&M, aren't they absolutely adorable?!

I've come to terms that I can't do my own hair. Allie always has to do it, for everything. Hahah. 

9/27/11 02:14 pm

we all pray to cheetus.

9/26/11 09:21 pm - and so the animal begun

these lovely articles of clothing arrived today!
ordered the shirt, and pants from urbanoutfitters.
my own personal rules is that i only online buy from things on sale.
that way, if something doesn't fit right... it isn't as terrible losing it. as paying something full price would be.
i also got a bright red bag, that is absolutely beautiful. sadly i didn't photograph it today.

got my hair done today, curls n' all. 
gradually my hair is going to start becoming lighter, and lighter.

9/26/11 09:01 pm

my best friend and i wandered over to bellevue, and hung out in the large park.
such a blast trading off cameras, and lens, and memory cards.
i sported my lovely wedges that feel like tennis shoes as well as simple jeans peiced together
with a see-through black blouse, and finished it off with a fur vest from H&M.

this is my best friend, Allie Taylor. We are both inspiring photographers and both want to create careers into the world of fashion. i couldn't have ask for a better best friend. not to mention, beyond gorgeous.

she should truly become a model. 

here she wore a lovely long dress, paired with a belt in the middle to give a break in the middle of the dress. and her lovely oxford shoes. and accessorized with gorgeous long feathered earrings.

9/25/11 09:00 am - the bravens

My best friend and I went to the Bravens yesterday. I'm absolutely in love with the entire area.
I'm wearing a pink corset, that I had wanted for months at Ross. But, they had it around 20 bucks or something. And no matter what, 20 was still way too much for me. I just went to Ross not long ago, and found it marked down by 50% percent, which... then I just had to get it. 
I paired the corset with a high waisted trouser from H&M. 
And last but not least, my favorite part of the entire outfit. The shoes.

I got these shoes while I was in Portland, OR. I got them at Charlotte Russe. They were actually having a sale and I got another pair of these for $10.50 but in a dark grey/blue color! They are lovely and I'm absolutely in love!

I've gotten a new job, so finding time to work on my fashion stuff, or photography has been hell. I'm going to try my best to keep this going!

Love always! 

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